A tacky bar mitzvah would be this. Please note that LaMai refers to the upcoming bar mitzvah I am grappling with as the "b-m".

I saw this blog and thought it was Poppins standing there in yoga gear and glasses. Do you not see a trend here? Knit and Tonic...Denim Jumper has a Martini Lounge. We certainly know how to live the life, don't we?

I spoke to a male friend about the upcoming b-m festivities and somehow we wound up talking education talk, and he mentioned to me that his son goes to Dalton. For two seconds, I felt sorry that I Alex is a homeschooler. It happens. Particularly as today, we did not meet our daily academic goals. Okay, okay, we read two acts in Hamlet and my kid knows where Micronesia and Machu Picchu are. I shouldn't complain.

Said friend also mentioned an even tackier bar mitzvah than the Beyonce one: someone booked Don Henley and Aerosmith for his kid at the Rainbow Room and the dad wore a tuxedo with diamonds encrusted on the lapel. Tackay, tackay, tackay....

No, I don't really think you need to send a card to Tony Blair, particularly if you do not live in the U.K.

And oh yes, please congratulate Calletta at Forever December. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, she stumbled onto this blog and decided she'd stick around. She
was pretty bold for hanging out with the homeschooling crowd, particularly as she didn't even have any children. She joined NaNoWriMo with me not once, but twice.

And, in the middle of this last NaNoWriMo, she had a baby. Her first. Give her a holler, will ya?


Calletta said...

Awww, thank you LaMai!

la Maitresse said...

If no one has given you a shout-out yet, it's because we have a lot of lurkers here (chuckle, chuckle). Kiss to your baby!