LaMai has finally joined NYCHEA - The New York City Home Educators' Alliance. I was a little cautious about joining a homeschooling group; I've encountered some real weirdos who homeschool and purport themselves to be educational "experts." But NYCHEA is a diverse group, the members are friendly and knowledgeable, and despite the webmaster's obsession with use of the preposition vis-a-vis in every single e-mail that I get from him, I think that I like NYCHEA.

And, apparently, I am NYCHEA's National Geographic Bee coordinator (although I cannot receive the Bee materials or administer the Bee, as A will be a participant).

I still want to open a school, though. Heh, heh.

P.S., this (straight, if you must know) guy knits some seriously wicked stuff:

I am in awe of his skill. Photo credit to Knitty and Yarnboy.

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MJ said...

Whew! I was sweating on this one la Mai...I calmed down when I realized that the "C" was for city, as in NYC. Cudos for joining and contributing some of your varied talents. I wish we had a PEAK or other good organization here to keep me busy in the home ed arena.