Becky at Farm School let us know that Darwin has a posse. I couldn't help but share this news with everyone.

: D


Princess Ennui said...

These are SO going in the Festivus Socks of Shame* this year!

That whole stamps.com thing kinda torques me off though.

*Festivus Socks of Shame=our version of the Christmas stocking

la Maitresse said...

Okay, I am *really* curious with how you came up with "Festivus Socks of Shame." I can only imagine - tatty or badly knitted Christmas socks? Share a photo, darling...

Princess Ennui said...

AH...photos...let me just say that my complete lack of holiday spirit means that we decorate late and take it down quickly.

[Airing of Grievances, however, I can TOTALLY embrace year round :)]