Options, options...

So, now that I am a member of NYCHEA, we have a LOT of homeschooling options.

Did I know that -
There is a playwriting class taught by a professional writer?
A genetics class taught by a genetics professor?
A law class taught by an attorney from a very well-known and highly-respected legal organization?
A theater group that is putting on a Shakespeare comedy in a couple of weeks?
Soccer club every week, with insurance paid by the group?
Ski club (five trips, folks, for a low, low price to include ski lift, rental, and lessons)?
Every type of homeschooler belongs to this group, including Jews in Brooklyn, WASPs in Manhattan, and hispanics from the Bronx?

No, I didn't know that. Where on earth was I?

Oh yeah. I was avoiding the nutty homeschooling zealots before I found this group.

And tonight, I have several options for my Wednesday night activity. Among them, I can knit with my knitting circle, or attend a book signing (how on earth did I become cool enough to get on that guy's e-mail list? Like, he doesn't suppress the e-mail addys at all. Some famous names there. Holy, moly).

Which is why, if I haven't said it before, I love New York.

Okay, maybe the weather could use a little help from Miami...


Liz said...

Hi, are the classes free/inexpensive?

Our public school experience is pretty quickly imploding on us these days.

la Maitresse said...

Some classes are free, some aren't, but the classes that charge seem to be pretty affordable.

Just know that with homeschooling, there are costs (I don't care what that Homeschooling for Free book says). There are book/materials costs, time/labor costs, etc.

NYCitymomx3 said...

Yes. I love New York, too. :D

We're probably going to join NYCHEA nest year. We're with LIGHT right now which is close to 100 families and encompasses Brookly, Queens, and Long Island. It's been nice being part of a group.

la Maitresse said...

LIGHT is a group that I did not investigate, so please know that I did not consider LIGHT to be of the nutty zealot variety. : D

Calletta said...

I want to be part of a group! *pout*

I'm sure Boston/MA has something. . . Not that I'll need that for a while yet.

Andrea said...

Sonds like a cool group with great opportunites. That pretty much blows the theory (or myth) that homeschoolers don't/won't have access to experts in each subject. :)

Jo said...

Yes, I pouted too, when I read this. What a line up. We live in a smallish city in northern Tasmania, Australia where the options are......different. After pouting a little at your list I thought, well, OK, we have rainforest, and beaches to die for, and a 35,000 year old culture to study (some of the world's oldest art just south of here). We're involved in monitoring local wetland species, and the kids are helping produce a council art installation in the City Park in partnership with our sister city in China, and homeschooled kids here can access any Adult Education Class their little hearts desire...so yes, options, options. We all have them. Even in Australia.

Becky said...

...or Alberta, where the weather seems to be warmer and less snowy than back East. Who knew?!

I'm feeling pangs of envy too out here in the boonies : ). Especially the part about "every type of homeschooler" while we're surrounded by hs'ers getting louder and louder about "the reason for the season" (as I continue to take the Christ out of Christmas lol). I hope you both enjoy the new group!

la Maitresse said...

Erm, what are the immigration laws for Australia, again? Could we please come? ; )

You can absolutely create a plethora of options anywhere you live. I challenge everyone to do so, and if the readership would be so generous, send me feedback on what you are doing in your neck of the woods.