I apologize for that bit of a blogging hiatus - I've been helping a couple of friends with publicity for their events, and I have a potential client meeting today over which I have been stressing.

A's phone attempts to contact the Harlem Hellfighter went like this:

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.

"There's no answer."

We tried again. And again. On different days. Yes, we're stalkers. Of the historical kind.

A is currently trying to figure out who might know this guy, or any other veterans who might possibly be living, who were once soldiers of the 369th Infantry.
I'll keep everyone posted on A's progress with that.

In other news, A got some scholarship bucks for summer with Outward Bound. Summer camp (or summer courses) should not be out of reach for anyone, regardless of their financial situation. There is always a scholarship somewhere, if not directly with the camp, try another scholarship database; another alternative for camp dollars is fundraising, the a skill that kids are never too young to learn.

A is still training for rowing tryouts.

He also wrote a poem that I'd like to share with the bloggy audience here, but he won't allow me to. So there.

And, he finished his wool hat last night. He did a rib stitch on straight needles and sewed up the sides. The folks at Booze and Yarn were very impressed with the meticulousness of his stitches. He is a "tight" knitter.

I had no idea that Patti Smith did the original song entitled "Because the Night." I thought it was 10,000 Maniacs. I am a retard.

I got a funny closing message in an e-mail from the coordinator at the Harvard program: it read: "God Save CBGBs!!!"

I am otherwise happy to know that our President revealed that there's "No need to worry about port security."


Becky said...

Congrats to A for the scholarship $$. He's one motivated young man with all those irons in the fire : )

I had no idea that Patti Smith did the original song entitled "Because the Night."
Man do I feel old lol right now lol.

la Maitresse said...

I am certain I knew about it at some time in my old life (heh heh) but I guess the Maniacs' mania made me forget.

Becky said...

Or you could just blame it on that time of the month, when one temporarily loses one's mind lol.

Hope you're feeling better.

P.S. Eat chocolate!

la Maitresse said...

Oh, man, did I lose my mind. I had not been drinking coffee at that moment, but I actually picked up and drank out of a Starbuck's cup during my client meeting yesterday. The Starbuck's cup belonged to my CLIENT. It even had her lipstick on it. But I was gone. Brainless. I quietly put it down and hoped she did not notice.

"Who else is on that celebrity list? Oh, you spell that G-i-s-e-l-e B-u-n-d-c-h-e-n."

Lost it, I tell you.