A little rumor is out. Yarnharlot's Olympic Knitting idea made it into the current issue of Time Magazine? Is it true? Has anyone purchased a copy?

In other news, today, A went to a rowing tryout on the Harlem River. Please dear bloggy reader, send him your good vibes. He really wants this one. And I am really rooting for him. And another (NYCHEA) homeschooler also rows with the same rowing club.

Afterwards, we hit the Knitting Olympics on the Bowery. I am really glad that I came up with the charity portion of Team Booze and Yarn's participation. A is making his first-ever hat. After knitting we usually go to the Pommes Frites place on 2nd Ave in the East Village. Just in case you think you've spotted me there at an ungodly hour, with needles sticking out of a yarn bag. Yep, it was me.

In other other news, before we even hit knitting, we had a bite at a French-style cafe on Bleecker. Where we had this bizarre exchange:

Me: Taste my soup before I delve in.
A: Mmmm.
Me: Do you like it?
A: It's potato.
Me: [tasting it] Nope, it's not.
A: It's potato.
Me: Nope. It's right on the menu. And potato isn't on the menu. It's cauliflower and goat cheese.
A: Nuh-uh. It's potato. With some alchemy done to it.
Me: Heh, heh. Yes, once upon a time, cauliflower and goat cheese were potatoes.
A: They were. Everything was the potato. Until an alchemist changed everything. Now we have cauliflower and goat cheese.
Me: From France.
A: Yes.
Me: That taste like potato.
A: It's so deep.
Me: You should wear a beret when you say that.


Calletta said...

OMG, I *love* Pommes Frites! I go every time we visit NYC.

Liz said...

Me too. I live 5 blocks from there.

re:telling the difference between potato, cauliflower, goat cheese ---

they're all WHITE, aren't they?