Brian James again

A is reading Perfect World by Brian James. It's another pleasure book, apart from our English curriculum, which includes Hamlet by Shakespeare, and smatterings of the Greek classics to supplement our Hamlet readings. A also wants to start a student poetry group to culminate in a reading at the Bowery Poetry Club. We shall see how that goes.

A has come a long way from his public school days, when he was told he was "not ready" to read at his grade level, and his 5th grade teacher thought he did not, or could not, understand English (!). A would come home from school with a sullen expression and mumble, "I've been placed in the dummy reading group."

Those were the days that I secretly wanted to spank his 5th grade teacher. With a mace.

Instead, maybe I'll just send her A's latest reading list.

*Please note, LaMai is not a fan of spanking. I was brought up on Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Roald Dahl, and the occasional Addams Family t.v. episode, hence my latent dark sense of humor.

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