But did he poop on Saturday?

Again, I am finding out the hot topic of discussion among New York City dog owners. Did your dog poop on Saturday? I must explain.

Saturday was a rain day. It rained all day. Without break.

A and I tried to walk Napoleon for the emergency 5-second relief. We figured he could get some real exercise with a gift of the dog run on Sunday. So Saturday morning, leashed and ready to go, he walked down to the lobby and M. Bonaparte sort of noticed the rain, but didn't know what it was. Until he stood outside. His legs froze.

"No. No. No. No. No. I am so *NOT* having this."

And back inside he went. We tried again. And again. And again.

On Sunday, he was on the curb the entire duration of our walks. It was then that I noticed a strange phenomenon. I overheard two men with dogs talking.

"Did your dog go outside on Saturday?"
"No, uh-uh. But he pooped 20,437 times today."
"That's so weird. So did mine."

My friend called me on the phone last night. She has a dog but lives in a house here in NY. The first words out of her mouth were, "My dog actually went inside the house on Saturday! I couldn't believe him!"

Canine psychology: Rain 101. Your next non-rain day will be full of poop.

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L said...

At the dog track, bet on the dog that poops during the pre-race parade.