Saxon or Singapore?

We're ready for a new curriculum. But which one to use?

I listened to this and read that.

for Saxon Homeschool, no media page but this general one.


Jo Heath said...

Hi there La Mai,

I discovered TWTM a few weeks ago, and found your blog on their web site. I have really enjoyed browsing back a bit through your entries. There is such a flavour of New York there, and I love the way you write about your son. You seem to me to be treading that fine line between 'Cool Mum Friend' and 'Mum-who-is-ultimately the-adult-in-this-relationship-so-do-your-Maths-now' very delicately.
Aren't 12 year old sons adorable (well, I hope so, mine will be 12 on Sunday)? Mostly. Mine is in bed reading, and can hear me in the next room on the computer...'Mum, did you know that in the Korean War the Koreans didn't use human suicide bombers, they used suicide oxen?'
Homeschooling is so educational for mothers.
Anyway, I really wanted to say 'Thanks for the Blog'. I have my own internet children's bookshop, which I have been neglecting shamefully since my fourth child was born, but you've inspired me to do some writing again...
So thanks, all the best with your Noble Project..and do let us know when you've found the perfect curriculum so we can pinch it (Science?...any brilliant ideas?)
Cheers, Jo

la Maitresse said...

Welcome, welcome!

L said...

Never got beyond the basic website info for Singapore, but have heard good things about it other than the difference in money, temperature, etc. You guys are way past that so it's probably not an issue.

We use(d) [note the indecision of my present circumstances ;)] Saxon. The spiral approach is very incremental, so much so that we skipped books in between, but the explanations are clear, it's self-teachable, and the repetition made it stick. It's plain, it's boring, it works. It's math!

Anonymous said...

Singapore is interesting- but the parent/teacher does have to do some prep work. Saxon is self teaching, but my kids didn't like it. That includes one who just loved math- she actually disliked it the most. There's another curriculum, Teaching Textbooks, that is supposed to incorporate review and be totally self teaching. I haven't seen the books, but they have a good bit to sample on their site: http://www.teachingtextbooks.com/. I'm trying to decide what to use for algebra 2. ---Jac

MJ said...

I got hooked on Saxon with one fine point - they include all one needs to know about geometry for college entrance testing, one year before that testing, not during.

My nephew did Singapore in early grade school. The teacher didn't understand it at all - she handed off the books and let the kids go through them at their own pace. By the time they were in fifth grade, their scores were at the bottom of the heap for their district.

Upon learning this from my sister, and knowing that my first hs'er was not motivated to learn on her own (and I not motivated to learn how to teach using books with little teaching help) - I went with the script of Saxon and used the Singapore books as supplements at the end of each year.

I was hoping to look to you for info on NEM (?) as A progresses through the JR-H years. I guess I thought you were already doing Singapore. Keep us posted:)

MJ said...


...suicide oxen?????? That was new-news to me:) Makes sense.