how do you say con~o in Hebrew?

I really must enter our curriculum here for the readership to see. I am tweaking things here and there, and expect to have a viewable curriculum ready shortly.


Last night, A presented to me about 153 messages in Hebrew that he made up on his own. Some were English messages; others were Spanish, and some were actual Hebrew words.

A: What does this say?
Me: Nun vav, sin vav hey. No sé. [Spanish for "I don't know"]
A: What does this say?
Me: Lamed vav vav, Resh kaf sin. Love rocks.
A: What does this say?
Me: [my eyes squinting] Valk the dog. Are you telling me to walk the dog????

A is enjoying his time with this new language. We have both decided on a low key and spiritual, but not glitzy, celebration for his Coming of Age. A wants Native American drummers to be there. I would like East Indian food catered for the guests. I suspect it will turn out to be most interesting. If any of the readership - with children - is interested in attending our fête in NYC (next year), let me know.

As mentioned previously, we are learning organic chemistry. Today A drew this on the computer:


Calletta said...

I'm always looking for a reason to hit NYC! (As if I ever really need one.) But. . . having a baby there would probably be a distraction for everyone else.

la Maitresse said...

You are absolutely welcome to come. Babies are welcome! So are sitar players!

Liz said...


I've written before. Is this a reasonable place to ask you some questions about the "mechanics" of your homeschooling Alexander? If not, please excuse and move on!

(1) It is the end of October - you are now submitting an annual curriculum? is there no "deadline"? (I am daunted looking at the state regulations)

(2) How do you do the quarterly assessments to "demonstrate" what Alexander has learned, and that it is congruent with your curriculum?

(underlying question: do the "authorities" actually care, or is it enough to just fill out the pieces of paper they send you so they can show their bosses that they've done their job?)

(3) Is Alexander mostly alone with his books all day, and how is that for him? If you are with him most of the day, how is that for YOU? do you not have to go out and do things such as earn a living? (too personal a question, probably, sorry). Is he cool with being left alone? Does he go places by himself?

(4) Does your curriculum include things such as math that are being done daily and incrementally, leading to an ability to e.g. get into college some day? or are you a one-day-at-a-time person? (lucky if you are!)

(5)Are you involved with NYCHEA at all, and does that help? (e.g. Soccer at Pier 40 on Wednesdays)

still interesting in homeschooling,
still anxious about all kinds o' stuff!

la Maitresse said...

ah, mighty good questions, they are. Would love to answer them on e-mail. Maitresse@gmail.com