Yom Kippur

We do not say "Happy Yom Kippur" (tune in to Comedy Central for that one) but instead, we wish each other "an Easy Fast." Here is a short informational guide to the Jewish holiday from the BBC.

Why is LaMai gettin' all religious an' stuff? Believe me, I am not. I do believe in observance of certain cultural markers, but I stop at exclusionary and separatist practices.

After all, Joey Ramone *did* have a Bar Mitzvah...

We're also in the middle of the holiday of Ramadan.


MJ said...

I've always thought that it would be an easy way to lose a few pounds by following along with Ramadan (especially in when it is in the winter months). I would need tons of extrinsic motivation (I know I'm weak - I can barely make it through our once a month fast Sunday) and the nearby Muslim friend who could, seems to conveniently be preggers or nursing. The one year she did fast, she switched her sleep schedule. I always tease her that she plans the whole kid thing around Ramadan.

I still would love to sneak off and observe the high holidays - loved the sacred prayers and meaning of Yom Kippur. Like the Ramadan thing, it was easier to get those tickets when you can stay up all night with friends.

I saw a "Happy Passover" or something card a few years back and even thought that was inappropriate. I'm not one that believes there should be a card for every event.

Have fun enjoying the high holidays and cultural observances of the religions you and A choose to mix into life. As you know and are instilling in A, it's a wonderful way for adults and youngsters to connect with other cultures, societies, and neighbors.

MJ said...

Also, I saw a teen wearing a Ramones shirt. I wanted to corner her and ask her if she really knew the music; if she really understood the times.

Life was so carefree in the 80s - dating was fun (well, until we learned more of AIDS), money was abundant, clubbing was a religious experience, and music - well the music is STILL being remade.

As I questioned myself about questioning the girl wearing the shirt, I had the inkling that there might be the possibility that she picked up the shirt at Urban Outfitters and didn't really have a clue to anything beyond the typography on the shirt.

la Maitresse said...

Arturo Vega, my good friend and the artistic director of the Ramones, told me that about 15-20% of Ramones t-shirt wearers actually know what the shirts represent. I don't know if that's good or bad. We both agreed that Joey would have been thrilled that the band had achieved such iconic status.