Fill-in Fridays...

This is why LaMai tends to be a pretty alert kinda person...

Go to www.Google.com and type the word "failure." Then click on "I'm Feeling Lucky."

Catherine - our French tutor - and I had an argument last night. Of all things, about the future viability of CBGB. Her husband is a jazz musician who has played at the club. "But eyeuw noooh, eyeuw cont av eet az eh moozeyeum!" I tried to tell her it wasn't going to become one, but she kept interjecting. She was very passionate about this one. It went on for 30 minutes. Fortunately, she had called me from Lincoln Center, and the audience started applauding, and she had to hang up.

A is reading Shakyamuni Buddha: A Narrative Biogaphy by Nikkyo Niwano.

We are studying amino acids in orgo chemistry.

Fridays are also "Financial Fridays" for us. We entered Cramer's Mad Money Challenge and today we get to pay attention to our stocks.

Napoleon is looking and leaning through a window. I hope he doesn't fall out.

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