Thursday is Thursday

A does not know it, but we are headed here. It is part of our structuring our "Cinema Club" studies. Some of you might remember that Cinema Club is something that we started about two years ago and have been doing loosely since my initial Q & A assignments. After seeing Zana's film, I think it's time to establish Cinema Club as a solid part of our studies.

Another film that I watched this week was Dare mo shiranai from Japan. A watched with me (unlike Born Into Brothels, no vulgar language is utilized by the parents). This film was difficult for me - as a single parent - to watch. The mother homeschools her kids - but at the outset, we do not know why. She is young, childlike, and seems to love her kids. All of that changes, however. The film is based on true events that were actually more disheartening than the fictional film.

LaMai's recommendation for parents: Born Into Brothels.

On a happier note, this is A's birthday week. A asked for - and got- CSS Web Design for Dummies. I thought it was a silly book to ask for; what could he possibly do with it? This morning, he showed me about 10 new things on the computer that he had designed using CSS.

I also am looking at this space for his b-m next year:

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