...and how I resolved the science application dilemma.

I called up Stuyvesant High School, that specialized high school for math and science brainiacs.

Me: "Hi do you happen to have an ILCC application?"
Stuyvesant lady: Sure. But we're down to our last 20. When can you come over?


Rebel said...

Aren't homeschool moms so resourceful? :-)

Anonymous said...


When does A hear from "Early College"? Or was that included in the city high school application that included Stuyvesant and Bx.SCience?

Does A. have more schools to hear from?

(this is more suspenseful than wondering who's gonna get wacked on The Sopranos this new season)

la Maitresse said...

Hah hah hah! I'll have to tell SVZ that one...