FYI - Where There Be Dragons is coming to NYC! (program for teens)

• …sitting quietly amidst hundreds of Buddhist monks clad in crimson robes as they chant their mantras to a rhythmic melody that soothes and centers you. You are reminded of the hospitality that this monastery has shown you as you pick up your bowl of yak-butter tea, and watch intently as incense is placed at the feet of the massive golden Buddha seated on the altar before you…

• …entering a colorful market in a remote corner of Bolivia after a morning spent swimming in a high-altitude volcanic crater. As men and women in traditional dress swarm around stalls brimming with fresh mango, bushels of platano and arroz con leche, you barter for your meal in Spanish. After lunch you meet with a local shamen to discuss traditional healing and return to your home village for a pick-up game of soccer…

• ...moving to the beat of traditional drums in a small Senegalese village as you dance under a massive Baobab tree. Goats wander freely amidst surrounding thatched-roof huts, and you gaze past them to witness a massive African sun dipping below the horizon…

Does this sound like a dynamic and interesting way to spend your summer or semester?

A Dragons representative will be giving two group slide shows in the NYC area on Sunday, March 18th. If you are interested in more information, call or email Megan:
1-800-982-9203 x12

2:00PM Sunday, March 18th
224 Centre Street, 5th Floor, NYC 10013
Weisz + Yoes Studio

7:30PM Sunday, March 18th
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10013
In the home of a past Dragons student. Call/email for exact location.

Since 1993, we have proudly offered programs that feature creative itineraries, inspiring instructors and incredible intimacy. Our summer and gap-year programs in Asia, Latin America, and Africa are now filling with intrigued, enthusiastic and motivated young adults such as yourself…
Won’t you join us?


Manda said...

Wow, how cool does that sound? Wish it were for grown-ups too!

Anonymous said...

I have led programs for a similar company called Leap Now. It's based out of California and attracts a lot of homeschooling kids. The trips are a blast and everyone learns a ton. Their website is www.leapnow.org.
Manda, I think Dragons does actually run a few programs for adults.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, one more. I also led a trip for Global Routes. They do mostly summer trips, although there are a few semester programs. Their site is www.globalroutes.org.
I could keep commenting all day, experiential ed is my favorite subject!