say what?

75% of homeschooled children are Evangelical Christians? Okay. We're not in that statistic.

People who aren't Christian just have something wrong with them?

Global warming is a just a political hot topic and is really of no concern?

And with whom does George W. Bush talk every Monday?

A says: "Mom, can we stop watching this film? It's disturbing."

LaMai recommends: Jesus Camp directed by Heidi Ewing.


Manda said...

Funny you should say so, since it arrived from Netflix for us today! Now I'm even more curious. . . I want to see if it's like I remember from when I was growing up. (My mother is an Evangelical Christian minister, so. . .)

la Maitresse said...

How do I know these things? Is it zeitgeist, what?

Manda said...

Just watched it. Kind of like a bad acid flashback, I would guess (though, since I've never done acid, I wouldn't really know for sure). Scott was like A--he wanted to stop watching. But he stuck it out. It's a great movie for spurring discussion.