Erm...is this right?

A opened the big package sent to him from BTBSA.

I didn't tell them that there were skinny envelopes in our mailbox. At this point, it didn't matter.

The big BTBSA package had enclosed a document with the school emblem prominently displayed in blue and gold, wrapped in a gold flat ribbon-thingy, also with the school emblem on the gold thingy. There were a lot of documents in the package.

BTBSA awarded A full tuition, inclusive of boarding fees, plus a named scholarship for his achievements in Math and Sciences.

I nearly fainted.

I felt like the family in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I am the poor mum, with barely a shelter to offer my kid (if you saw our place lately, you'd understand). The dog tore up A's duvet, and there have been feathers everywhere for ages in our apartment. I haven't bought "stuff" for A -- and we're lucky if we have enough money to buy shoes from Zappos.

But I've given A all the intangibles possible. And now this.

"Mom? No school has ever recognized my work like this before. I think we need to consider this school seriously now."


But what floored me the most, is that BTBSA's tuition is more than what I paid as an undergraduate at my alma mater, a private Florida university.



Manda said...

Wow!!! All that hard work really pays off, eh? Wanna school my Alexander next? ;)

la Maitresse said...

Hah! I think *you* would do the best job for your Alexander!

Rebel said...

Wow, that's great!!