A is grounded.

I don't wish to discuss the "why" here - it is humiliating enough for him just that he is. It was onerous for me to become the mean parent -- unfortunately, I had to, and in front of other people, while I confronted A with the issue.

Parenting is not always easy. But we try to do what is best for our kids.

A is in his teen years. We'll see how we fare.


Manda said...

What does "grounded" entail, and how do you determine for how long?

la Maitresse said...

Oy vey. It's subjective, but you try to make it as objective as possible to the ground-ee. Like "time out."

Does that make sense?

Manda said...

Erm. . . The thing is, I was never grounded. Although I did, on occasion, have to suffer an evening in which all my privileges had been taken away: no television or games or books, just homework, dinner, bath and bed. So. . . more than time out but less than an actual grounding, I guess. Because I always thought of "grounded" as lasting at least more than a day. So I guess I'm wondering about what happens when a person is grounded for a length of time. Confined to their room, or just house arrest or what?

la Maitresse said...

The grounded time involved chores like cleaning up the kitchen, including the floor. No going out to see friends, so A's "jam" session was cancelled. Reading a lot. Cc'ing me on homework emails to his teachers.

Contemplating the situation, etc.