sometimes, people just suck.

There is a publicist (who I will call "Fireball") at Big Broadcast Network who, I have had the feeling for some time now, does not like me. You know the type? I say "Hi." She looks down at the floor, says nothing. I say "Hi" the next day, she looks at the floor, says nothing.

Today I gave a task to one of our interns, who I will call Sabrina. It was a gamble on my part: it was a bigger task than the normal send-the-intern-to-the-copying-machine-type job. Sabrina could not do the task today and got frustrated easily. And BIG ALSO is that Sabrina and I have been fraternizing. It turns out that Sabrina is a single mother, going through the same type of divorce situation that I did, and we have gone out for drinks at least once to shoot the proverbial potty.

Tonight, Sabrina spoke to Fireball about me and the work I gave to Sabrina-- apparently negatively enough, that Fireball took it upon herself to talk to me -- in Alto Voce -- from my doorway. Fireball was so loud that the secretary around the corner heard.


Me: Huh? Yelling? I don't yell at anyone.


Me: Maybe I capped something on instant messenger to her -- that was necessary. I had to highlight a protocol to her. And I told her why I capped the text.

[And why do I feel compelled to tell this a 25-year-old publicist who can't step into my office?]

The work I gave Sabrina involved filling in data into five boxes on an Excel sheet. The problem is, we didn't have all the data today. I was swamped and could not help Sabrina to the best of my ability. My co-worker was out, I had to cover for her, as well as my own duties, and I short-changed Sabrina with my time. BUT at the end of her workday, she left on good terms with me and I told her to give her baby a kiss for me.

Unfortunately, and this is where it gets very, very bad -- I confided my feelings about a certain co-worker on the West Coast ("Totally Tactless Co-Worker who Cc's EVERYBODY and Their Boss in Her Emails" ) with Sabrina. In her frustration with me, Sabrina spoke to Totally Tactless directly -- and told Totally Tactless how I feel about her.

Tonight was very messy. I had to clean up with Totally Tactless, as well as talk to Fireball's boss about the way Fireball handled her communication with me.

Your thoughts? I am feeling rather sucky tonight.


Heidicrafts said...

I'm sorry about your downer day.
No grand advice.

la Maitresse said...

Wednesday: I'm sorry about my downer day, too!

I couldn't sleep last night. I would like people to treat each other better -- which would include me talking about Totally Tactless, in the first place.

Heidicrafts said...

I hope that today went better.

I hate when the mental tape recorder gets stuck replaying stupid conversations when I want to sleep.

Go back and read your entry about helpful folk in the subway. Some days, it's easier to be nice to strangers than to acquaintances and associates.

Or go to my blog and look at photos of my kitchen remodel and sigh at the cabinets' the pretty green finish. ;)

From 'round here, this high pressure high school selection stuff is so foreign. How is A feeling today about going off to boarding school? Can he have an overnight visit? How are you processing the info in the fat envelope?

la Maitresse said...

A is definitely more open to the idea of considering boarding school now. He does want to give it a trial run and sit in on the classroom discussions and get to know the other students there -- that will happen in about 2 1/2 weeks.

I think what changed his mind was that BTBSA gave him a named scholarship, and the feedback from his friends. "You got in where? OMG. Can I have a t-shirt?"

He is reminded that the school admissions journey is not over, though.