are we there yet?

I've been lucky in that Alexander has never asked me that question; not once while driving to Disney/Universal Studios from Miami, or Tampa from Miami, or anywhere else where I used to own a car. But the question is nagging me.

"I don't mind if we move, as long as we settle down."
Actual quote by A.

Somehow honest comments like that suddenly make me feel like Ashley Judd's character in Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Nevermind that I really am like the Judd character (sans pill popping and chronic nervous breakdowns, thank you very much) but there is a lot to be said about single parenting and that instability factor.

(Note: During difficult times, I've done that gas station trick from the movie, too. It only works if you appear stunning and charming).

Single parenting is hard. Scrutiny falls doubly hard on the single parent. Dating is either easy or not; I've chosen it to be not. I am picky, I trust no one, and I bring no one home. Single parenting makes loan-getting more difficult, job-getting more difficult ["Oh, I see, you have a child. And how do you expect to work all the hours we require at this firm?"], and when you are a grad/professional student with a child, looks of pity are frequently expressed among your academic colleagues ["OH wow! I don't know how you do it! I'd have to be really rich to have kids! I'll wait until I make partner or at least until both me and my husband make six figures!"] Right.

So, last night my best friend in Miami invited me to her home. The occasion was her finally getting her PhD. I have not seen her family in over a year. Her mother doted on me and massaged my back. Her sister kissed me and would not let me go. Her attorney sister elbowed me with that, "in-the-know-about-law-school" look.

Then the women surrounded me. And said this:

"Maitresse, you are a woman now."

I beg your pardon?

"Yeah!" said the younger sister. "You look like a woman!"


The mother continued, "You look like you have arrived. Like you can defeat anyone in this room."

"Yeah! Yeah!" chimed in the younger sister.

Older attorney sister just nodded.

Totally and utterly confused, me. These people are very observant. Did I need a facelift? [No, don't think so.] Did I need to go shopping? [my clothes were all black, so I don't think I looked too bad.] Did I look pissed off? [I had a glass of white wine in hand, impossible.]

So, am I there yet?

It has got me thinking. It would be great if I arrived. I'd keep moving, but I'd be "somewhere" fast and firm. A woman. Ashley Judd, all stunning and charming, post-instability.

Ah....Back to our Latin exercises...


Alexander's accomplishments of late:

A has finished his Einstein book.
He has also finished The Thief Lord.
Has actually started his research paper on oysters after finishing his outline from last week. He has even learned how to write citations.

Next: The Iliad, Marcus Aurelius, and (quickly) Beowulf before summer starts. We plan to do all our medieval studies during the summer.


I am reading a Robert Kiyosaki book.
Have figured out how to cut mangos to look like flowers, or the Parisian way, which looks nice and is less sloppy than the flower.
And I've actually bought boxed frozen Cuban sandwiches from a chain supermarket. Unbelievable.

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