"Eh, allo, zees es Cathereeeene uhgen!!! Ow are yeu? I would like to tek Alexandre to zeh museum tomorrow. OK? OK! Meet me at 2 pm on zeh steps, OK? I eh have eh freeeee event and IMAX teeckets. See yeu tomorrow!!! Bye!"

Gotta love Catherine.

Right now I am watching the kids outside doing the Easter Egg Hunt. Yes, we're Jewish, but no matter. Holidays are for children, no? I watched one parent place eggs strategically within the crevices of a bench. I cheated a bit and told the kids to look closely at the bench. A squirrel found an egg and held on to it for dear life. A commotion among the children ensued. "The squirrel's got the egg!" Sarah, one of the kids, tried to retrieve it from the squirrel. No cigar. The squirrel took the egg with it as it climbed up a tree. I love when the animal kingdom wins.

Happy Easter/Passover everyone!

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