prions in my cheeseburger

OK, we are not vegetarians. Of course, on many a sunny day, I'd like to be. Like today.

I cooked hamburgers with cheese, and served them on tasty whole-wheat buns. A smattering of lettuce and ketchup finished off the cheeseburgers. They turned out to be bloodier than I would have liked. Then this:

"Mom, these cheeseburgers have prions."

Dare I say I'll never eat meat again?

Otherwise, when our brains are not being eaten by prions, we are writing about the Eastern Oyster, our books via book reports, and the latest Writing Strand entry. Time "wasted" on television is usually on The History Channel, after which A must write a report and present (thoughtfully) the usefulness of what he has learned from any particular History Channel segment.

A few times a year we have "Cine-Club." I pick a movie of "great cinematic value" maybe with some "literary or moralistic value" and forge a questionnaire to be filled out after the movie-watching. It works. Some deep thinking has resulted from our watching "Dead Poets Society" (a bit grown-up, I know, but A learned something about parent/child conflict resolution because of it) as well as "Amadeus" and "West Side Story."

For literature, we are working on The Iliad right now. Marcus Aurelius soon to follow. Then Beowulf (summer). I am repeating myself. Perhaps this is a mantra.

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