Molly Ringwald

Last night I was at a book release party in a Tribeca apartment where kids were present.

And Molly Ringwald walked in.

Which would have been fine under normal circumstances, only the starlet and I used to attend the same school in California. The host of the party ensured Ms. Ringwald knew this bit of information (I by accident spilled the proverbial beans when he told me his guest list for the evening).

Molly Ringwald: "Oh, you went to blahblahblah school?"
Me: "Yes."
Molly Ringwald: "Oh, I was only there for one year."
Me: "Oh."
Molly Ringwald: "And I hear North Hollywood High is run over by gangs now. Totally run over by gangs."
Me: "Oh. Do you know what the new professional school is now?"
Molly Ringwald: "No, I don't go back there ever."
Molly Ringwald: "Did you actually see me at blahblahblah school?"
Me: "Erm...yes. After you filmed 'The Tempest.' But you hung out with Tracy W. and Brian P."
[here I refrain from divulging that Tracy was my best friend, and I had had a crush on Brian, and Molly had vandalized my friend's locker by scribbling "The Tempest" all over the locker and books in said locker.]
Molly Ringwald: "Oh, man, I don't even remember who those people are."
Me: "Oh."
Molly Ringwald: "So anyway, welcome to New York!"
Me: "Oh...I mean, um, thanks!"

Clueless very young woman from California [CVYWFC] at party: "How old is she, like 50?"
Me: "Erm...no. She's in her 30's, as am I. Do I look 50?"
CVYWFC: "Oh my God, NO YOU DON'T!"

Alexander: "Who is Molly Ringwald?"

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