'tis I

...over my case of "slackdom."

I have not posted seriously on here in forever (what is it now, four days?) and I must apologize. I've actually been looking at a new living space and it looks like we will be moving next week.

I hate moving.

Today Alexander actually went out on his own to the corner French patisserie and bought a sandwich and an Orangina. I couldn't believe it. He is really growing up.

And yes, I gave him permission to do so. Mind you, we live in an enclosed (gated) block in Manhattan, maybe the safest block in Manhattan, and we have a doorman to the entrance of the block complex and gardens. I don't allow A to have a gate key. He is only allowed to leave the block within view of the doorman. The folks who run the patisserie all know that A is homeschooled. They ask me often about how the schooling is going. Which is nice.

Otherwise, A has been spending time with friends whose company he enjoys. It is "Easter/Passover/Spring" vacation, so I am letting him slack off a bit. He did work at the River Project twice this week, and he had his French tutorial, too.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon among the Japanese manga at Forbidden Planet. Then we got a haircut at Astor Place Haircutters. Josef, who used to cut JFK Jr.'s hair, cut my A's. I was hoping he'd look a little Camelot-ish after that, but he still looks like my A. Which is just fine.

Anyway, a little rambling here. After my crisis-induced slackdom, I have decided that my friends, family, and belongings that are beneficial to my family are what are most important.

My resolution:

1. We will visit my friend's wedding in Switzerland this summer. A is excited. "Can we stay there for months and months, mom?"

2. I will invest in real estate whether or not I like it.

3. I will look seriously into that academic franchise.

4. I will regularly do my nails in East Hampton Cottage at Bloomie Nails.

5. I will never again believe that a married man "just wants to have lunch" on a constant basis with me. Ever.

6. A and I will travel around the world by freighter next year, when I have the real estate cashflow to do it (No, I am not scared to travel alone with a child. I used to travel alone as a teenager).

That's it for now.

Look out, world.

The Maitresse is back.

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