museum/IMAX trip (revisited), getting sued by the RIAA

A and I went to the American Museum of Natural History this week, where we met Catherine. C and A saw the IMAX movie about volcanoes in the deep, and then she handed off another set of tickets for us to watch another IMAX movie about the Bengal tiger in India. That movie was really gorgeous. A and I visited the butterfly exhibit ("depressing for the butterflies" said Alexander) and the Exploratorium ("Physics is fun!").

Yesterday A wrote a very long goodbye letter to his friends who live in our complex. We are moving tomorrow.

A has been finishing up his Einstein, Homer, and writing up his science research paper. We have had no real school schedule in two weeks, due to the move.

Today we head off for our monthly trip to Long Island. That is where the summer trip to Australia meetings are held. The trip is one hour long by train. Good reading time.

What is amazing to me is A's grasp of copyright and trademark law. Although basic, he understands that "music lyrics can be copyrighted" but "words and short phrases can't" but "words or names can get trademark protection." He also understands "fair use." And he hates when I download music from Kazaa. "Mom, you're going to get sued by the RIAA." Ah, well.

I wish I had that power with Math. Sigh.

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