Breaking News: Maitresse Hired by BigLaw Firm!*

Could this really be happening to me?  Did I really do that great of a great clean-up job with my reference fiasco of last week? 

"Maitresse, your references, since Reference X of last week, have gone smoothly.  You're hired." 

For those of you who missed a post from last week, which I subsequently deleted ("this post is a very unhappy one," I thought), I did have a reference screw-up.  A former employer who was not on my list of "OK People to Contact For the Purpose of Getting a Reference" was actually contacted.  Yes, well, this proves that HR in the corporate world is generally as sneaky and mean as the big execs at Enron are greedy

The former employer ("Employer X") stated my dates given were wrong (they weren't) and that I never held the job title as I had stated to BigLaw Firm.  I suspect the person giving the mis-information was my former bi-polar recovering alcoholic boss who had a love-hate relationship with me, professionally speaking.  I submitted the current contact information for three former managers who could verify my job title with Employer X (and this job was from five years ago.  Maitresse is seriously into relationship-building!).   I then thanked BigLaw Firm for bringing the discrepancy to my attention, "so that I can personally correct the record with Employer X."

Things could have been worse (I won't explain why, but trust me, they could have been) but I worked very hard to ensure any mistakes on my part were clearly under the BigLaw Firm radar.

Hot Spit.  I got it.  The hours are really good, the firm has a reputation for integrity that is more solid than Ayers Rock, and I still get plenty of time to be with A and my studies. 

Of course, there is a twisted ending to my tale.  Today I got a call from a headhunter for a non-law-related job:  "Maitresse, we have an Elite Real Estate Developer who is interested in you."  Turns out that Elite Real Estate Developer is Donald Trump's #2. 

Daaahnald, too late. 

I am happy with my decision.

*Note:  The job is a support position to the attorneys at BigLaw Firm.  I am still just a student!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Pop the bubbly!

Not to be snarky, but knowing a bit about junior to partnership hours, just how flexible will your time to them be? I'm always curious about how single mothers, pt working moms, and work at home moms balance all to do with home learning (and not be "unschooling").

Your site is such an interesting look into NYC that for selfish lurking reasons, I hope home learning does continue for both of you and that you are able to keep filling us all in on your "life doings".

The Donald is missing out I'm sure. BigLaw Firm and Maitresse both win. Good luck!

la Maitresse said...

Thank you! I just added note at the bottom of my post that this is a support position - but I do hope to "stay on" for bigger things later on...as was the case for a friend of mine in Miami, who also got hired by a firm as support, and later was hired as an associate. I have another 1 1/2 years of law school to go.

Anonymous said...

A support person makes sense, especially while still in law school. Oh, your life! Where do you get the energy?