Our bizarre language

"Lucifer" - otherwise known as a lightening bug or firefly. From the Alexanderish derivation of the French luciole given to the same insect. A: "Mom, cool! Look at the Lucifers in the bushes!" Maitresse: [peers out and sees 50 satanic "eyes" in the bushes] "Erm...can we go back to calling them lucioles?"

"Viedllech" - an uttering heard when in Viking mode on the Age of Empires CD-ROM game. Street usage expresses a type of agreement. Maitresse: "Let's eat pork buns on Bayard in Chinatown." A: "Viedllech."

"Cojones" - erm...Default to dictionary definition. Or something.

"Non!" - A negative act or decision to do schoolwork. From the French non. Maitresse: "Time to get to work on your Stanford EPGY math." A: "Non!"

"Subterranean" - From the Latin subterra. An insult. Derived from the Alexanderish realization that Romans at times were pretty nasty people. A: "Romans are subterraneans."
"Manging" - Franglais.  Derived from the French verb manger, which means "to eat."  Maitresse:  "I need to see you manging." 

"eee-ah" and "eeez-ah"- From the Johnny Rotten/Sex Pistols' manner of pronouncing the ending to any word in the English language. Maitresse: "Let's go out." A: "...and get some grocerieeez-ah!"

Strumming air guitar while simultaneously nodding head - A barely-there acknowledgement of anything Maitresse might be talking about. Maitresse: "Do you understand how we derived the circumference of the circle based on arc AB here?" A: [strums air-guitar and nods head]

"Darling-pie" - A totally nonsensical term of endearment. Maitresse: "A, you are my darling-pie." A: [looks perplexed and scratches head]

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