Hi. I haven't seen you in...22 years.

A childhood friend of mine - I'll call her Mindy Kapinsky - searched my name on Google recently and found smatterings of my nouvelle existence in the form of legal articles and other online noise.

Mindy was my best friend from pre-school (can you believe it?) until the 5th Grade. We did everything together. We put on musical "shows" at her house (her humongous house in Beverly Hills-adjacent was better than my one-and-a-half-bedroom apartment near the San Fernando Valley). We discovered Hello Kitty together. She introduced me to Chinese New Year...and coached me into eating duck feet. Or something. We did sleepovers. We dared each other to "show and tell." Of course, we did so many sleepovers, it was all old news anyway. Then my mother moved me across the country and away from Mindy. We lost contact. Now Google has reunited us.

She is due on my doorstep in less than 48 hours. She owns a home design business. I am nervous. Alexander is excited.

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