Out of 79 Partners at BigLaw...

...only eight are women. And fewer still of those eight have spouses.

The total number of attorneys at BigLaw is under 500. That includes associates and "of counsel" attorneys. There are more women associates than there are women partners.

Almost all of BigLaw's clients are Big Name Corporations. And the Big Names behind those Big Corporations. Integrity (I hate to over-use that word...it seems to be the new "empower") here is a big deal. Hence, the beds, showers, and in-house cafeteria. No matter what, even if it means people need to sleep and shower at BigLaw to finish a job, BigLaw will finish the job, and to a very high standard.

Despite the demanding workload, there are a few folks at the firm who make me laugh. I've made friends with two Bostonians who overuse the word "retaaahded." And "wicked." And "wicked retaahded."

Memo today: "You can no longer expense your purchases at Tiffany's to BigLaw (to be later taken out of your paycheck). You may pay by credit card and you will still get your discount."
So, previously, I could have walked into Tiffany's and chosen anything I wanted and walked out of the store with it, and BigLaw would have had to deduct it from my paycheck accordingly. Two words: Consumer. Culture.

Going to the Hamptons this weekend. Will blog on Sunday.

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