A discussion on Paganism has emerged on the WellTrainedMindSecular group on Yahoo. It's been most enlightening. It comes, coincidentally, during a time in which A has informed our Reform Rabbi that he believes in Nature, and not in voices speaking from the bushes to Moses. I am not concerned about A's revelation to the Rabbi too much. He is most open-minded. It also turns out that our we have all collectively decided that we will somehow create a Hindu-styled Bar Mitzvah for A. In India, if possible.

I myself have no idea how I define God. Perhaps we are pagan Jews?


Anonymous said...


I recently found your writings here (via WTM), and enjoy your blog. I've briefly followed the pagen loop on WTMS but found it much more in depth in parts on the Sonlight Secular board. This is a post that came through today. I've read so much that I can't remember if this part of the discussion made it to WTMS but wanted to pass it along:

>>>I got in trouble for saying this on this forum about a year ago, but some conservative Christians believe that since the earth is only 6,000 years old, obviously it didn't take millions of years for petroleum to form. They believe that oil is constantly being regenerated and therefore there's no need to conserve it.

And I think part of it is what another poster has written: they seen environmentalism as akin to earth-worship.


I wonder if any of A's enviromental experiences have helped shape his view of "Nature"?

And, imagine with me...

Rove: Oil regenerates itself. After all, the earth is only 6,000 years old.
Cheney: Shhhh! We're trying to keep oil prices up.
Nader: They should be up. Oil does not regenerate - it's the result of millions of years of non-cellulose material decay.
Gore, Edwards: Yes!
Carter: And in addition, from scripture we've been forwarned that the world will end because we will all use up the Earth's resources. We must save the earth to save humankind.
Darwin: Actually, most species die out on their own in approximately 150,000 years.
Bush: Yikes! That's not much time! Is that counted from BC or AD?

la Maitresse said...

Sonlight Secular is a group I have yet to join...thanks for the clip from the loop! I am surprised that I had not previously "gotten" the connection between the current White House Administration and conservative Christian group's thinking about oil supply...I am curious to learn what else is out there re- the environmental issues and the conservative religious/Christian lobby's take on those issues.

A has always had an affinity for things in the natural world. He largely views his experiences with nature as positive - despite some nasty run-ins with reptiles and dogs (he has forgiven the creatues for their behavior, for it is not their fault, he asserts). He is certainly an earth-based soul. I believe most children are, until we are corrupted by adults. OH - wait a sec - I just read about Bush as a wee lad loading up some toads with firecrackers to see them explode...nevermind. www.villagevoice.com