Life lessons learned from Spiderman 2

Well, I will not indulge you in spoilers here.   So you'll just have to learn those lessons yourself!
I was glad to see this flick, as a nod to the gentleman who shared an elevator ride with me recently:  Tobey Maguire.  Nice guy, nice manners.  Anyone who holds a door open for la Maitresse when she is not similarly going up a floor to meet with Harvey Weinstein, has got to be O.K.
I would otherwise like to acknowledge my readers around the country and globe.  Well, folks, stop lurking and throw me a comment!  If you hate the site, say so.  If you don't, say so.  If you don't feel like commenting, you can lurk.  But I know you'd really like to comment.  (Man, that Maitresse.  What is up?  She a francophile or what?  And she talks about food and bands and movies and comics too much.  Man, oh man.)  See?  I've known all along what you're thinking.
While you're at it, get your tushie relaxed in that seat you're in, put your feet up comfortably, and browse around.  I'll have the NYC links back on the site as soon as I have a couple of blogging hours to kill.
Repeat plug:  It's summer.  Take advantage of the free kayaking on the Hudson River.  Boat, paddle, life vest provided free of charge.  You can visit Lady Liberty on Saturdays.  Call for info.
It's summer.  Let your friend in the Hamptons know that you'd actually like to spend your weekend in their summer home.  "We've got laahts and laahts of rooms!"  Yes, dearies, it's all about how many guests you can actually fill in your summer house that makes you a Revered Human in the Haaaamptons.  So help your summer east-by-east LI sistahs out.  Vacation in their homes. 
It's summer.  Shakespeare in the Park.  Dominic Chianese.  Brilliant cast.  Brilliant setting for a play in the City.  And this year the production is actually really, really good.  Got Bard?
It's summer.  School doesn't have to go on vacation.  What A has this Friday:  Oral presentation of Robert Frost's Stopping by a Woods on a Snowy Evening


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll bite. Hi, you don't know me in the least, but I found your site through links on the Well-Trained Mind website, and I've been stalking you ever since. Define "stalking" as "reading your blog once a week or so."

We're just getting started on our homeschooling journey here in the lovely urban Chicago suburb of Oak Park. My formerly Montessori-schooled 8 year old is excited by Greek mythology, the Trojan War, and anything to do with Gilgamesh. She hopes that we will only be studying history, Latin, and "how to fly" next year.

You give me hope that there are other homeschooling moms of approximately my generation out there, whose kids can sing far too many Tom Waits and Bauhaus songs for their own good, and who have the high school pictures of mom with the purple mohawk to laugh at later in life. Or something like that.

Unlurk complete. One day I'll fix my sporadically updated livejournal and join the crowd.

narcease in Oak Park

Anonymous said...

Echoing former comment poster:
Posting to la Maitresse...yes, it does feel like stalking! And then being found out! I know other WTM'ers are reading, because I've passed your blog along.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with references. Keep us posted on Big Law Firm, and other employment avenues. Also interested in hearing how A's education may evolve.

la Maitresse said...

Blue mohawk hair support and bad reference support! Cool! Welcome!

la Maitresse said...

I meant purple mohawk. Purple. Question is: was it of the shaved on the sides variety, the buzzcut on the sides variety, or the kind slightly longer than a buzz on the sides and Depped flat? heh, heh...

Anonymous said...

Hee. I'm sure it was blue at some time or another as well.

It was shiny-bald on the sides for at least a portion of that time period, though I also sported the gelled flattop look in my glorious highschool career.

Now I look like a thirty-something mom who still probably wears too much black.

Congratulations on your new job!