des petits questions pour Les Blog Readers of Alexander's Maitresse...

- Do your kids study from the Writing Strands curriculum?

- If so, are you happy with Writing Strands? If not, what writing program do you use?

- Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? Is/are your kid/s?

- Would you help your children participate in an annual writing competition where word count were the only determinant of success?

- Have I been too trippy as of late?

I thank you for your time.


Anonymous said...

Let's see...

We're still trying to learn to read, sigh
Can't say at this time


L said...

We tried it. I liked it, S didn't. Thought the author's tone was condescending. Switched S and G to Write With the Best, which is a writing by imitation program. Very good, everybody happy. Ultimately decided trying to combine WWTB with separate diagramming and Easy Grammar was too much of a drag and now we are using (gasp) Rod & Staff. Rigorous and thorough. We have only had one disagreement with the religious content of the text so far: God is abstract, not concrete.

My girls jumped right/write in with NaNoWriMo, though there is no chance of them finishing 50,000.

Trippy works.

MJ said...

-Writing Strands: Too young - we do need to start a writing program next year. Currently doing R&S and CW. CW is a lot of work for me and I'd like something that is more self teaching (next year J will be in K - and I'll need to devote more time to teaching him the basics of math and reading).

-NaNoWriMo: Started. Stopped after the first night after reaching over 1800 words. Bored with my chosen topic. Discouraged.


-Trippy? No. Dialectical? Yeah, maybe. It's always nice to see a variety of sides.

-You're welcome - and have a wonderful eve/day!