Serenity Now (again)


Alexander is at home today from school after being brought home on the white horse called Central Taxi. It was an intervention action. I am fed up. And I told the school so, as well. Maybe I am overreacting.

What precipitated Maitresse's drastic action today?

[phone rings]

Maitresse: Hello?
Monotone lady with Christopher Walken voice on phone: Hi. This-the-math-teacher.
Maitresse: Yes?
MLWCWVOP: Your-son-has-not-done-his-schoolwork-when-he-was-out-sick-and-missed-a-couple-of-problems-on-the-test-today. I-am-not-surprised-that-he-missed-the-problems-because-he-did-not-do-his-work.
Maitresse: Excuse me. He *did* do his missed schoolwork. Did he not hand it in to you? You know, he had a test today, so maybe he GOT WRAPPED UP IN THE FACT THAT HE HAD TO TAKE A TEST and it slipped his mind to hand his work in to you. By the way, what was his score?
MLWCWVOP: I-don't-know.
Maitresse: I see. You don't know, yet you called me.

Then I said, "You know, I don't mind resuming teaching him at home if it's too much for you to ask him for his work, after he was sick for three days with flu, and he was so preoccupied during his test-taking today that he simply forgot. But I understand the pressures on YOU. I'll send a cab over right now and relieve you."

I know. I was rather...RICH. Or something that rhymes with it. But it's the third time this woman has called me since September, and the lowest grade A has earned is an 85%. I mean, good grief.

Before leaving, A handed in his school work to MLWCWVOP.

*photo taken next to our train station in Westchester.

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