Where are we headed? v.2

Arguments for homeschooling full-time:

"The kids at school don't know about Socrates, Aristotle, quantum physics, or even about the Seven Years' War."

"Science isn't as fun as last year" [when A did his internship at a science lab on the Hudson River]

"I don't have as much access to the teachers as I did with you as my full-time teacher"

"The kids at school only care about the subjects they teach at school." (not otherwise intellectually curious)

The Spanish teacher at the school does not come from a Spanish-speaking country. For me, as a Spanish-speaker, that does not impress me a whole lot. I think I could do a better job teaching A. So could his abuela.

The Math teacher bites. [check out the older posts here]

A's lust for learning has been watered-down in almost every subject but Social Studies...he has a really good teacher in that class.

I would get to spend more time with A. A would get to go to the River Project again. And spend time with Catherine.

Cons of homeschooling full-time:

*I* have to do it.

hah hah hah

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another lisa said...

I understand... my son Owen is attending school now because I simply don't have the time... when I finish articling next June, I will rethink what we are doing... at this point, he is home with me one day a week... this is the day we hang around with homeschooling friends... (where we see Darby each week)
Good luck with your decision.