okay, folks, it's showtime...

that is, off this blog. This entry was previously entitled, "Affluence and the homeschooled child who isn't" but I've decided to scrap the entry, and instead, I am taking a hiatus. Not the Hollywood kind, where I know exactly when on the calendar I'll be back, but the kind where I just don't know...until it's time.

I am managing three (3) other blogs while maintaining this one, and am working on a few things, including NaNoWriMo, a start-up magazine (no kidding), getting another legal day job, figuring out what schooling will work best for A in a pond full of affluent, spoiled kids who don't know jack from the classics, and, well, some other maybe momentous or not-so-momentous stuff.

If you're interested in following my other "worlds" in the interim, drop me an e-mail to Maitresse@gmail.com, and if I have heard of you before, I may clue you in to what other blogs I am inhabiting.

Kudos to the readers of this blog. You are a special bunch. You really are.

See you soon. Hopefully.

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la Maitresse said...

Just a quick note: I have received some e-mails from some of you, and will reply to you soon...don't worry, I am not ignoring you!