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Because Chris Baty has written this to you NaNoWriMo folks...

Dear Writers,

And so NaNoWriMo begins. Thirty-three thousand writers from two dozen countries.
The largest literary force ever unleashed upon the unsuspecting month of

Over the course of the next thirty days, we'll produce more prose than many
professional writers manage in an entire year. And we'll emerge from the month
with a not-horrible manuscript, heaps of novel-writing experience, and the power
to charm and impress attractive strangers in cafes with passing references to
our literary masterworks.

If your brain is anything like mine (distractible, easily confused, prone to
fits of procrastination), it's going to love the upcoming high-velocity workout.
And you'll be absolutely astonished by the things your imagination comes up with
when you put it on the spot. Bookish plots will appear. Complex settings will
materialize and expand. Listless characters will rise up, steering the story
towards twists and turns you never could have anticipated or planned.

It sounds too good to be true, I know. But I've seen it happen to thousands and
thousands of people. Because it turns out that writing a novel doesn't take a
great idea, or a miraculous gift for pacing or dialogue. It just takes
dedication. And a deadline big enough to injure a water buffalo.

As we face that whomping thirty-day deadline together this month, I hope you'll
keep two things in mind:

1) You are awesome. Whether you recognize it or not, you are a tremendously
powerful literary force. Currents of creativity run so deeply through the human
condition that the central problem of writing is not a shortage of inspiration
but an overwhelming surplus of it. Make writing a daily part of your life in
November, and your novel will take care of itself. No sweat.

2) We're all in this together. This month, let's take care of one another, and
go the extra mile to keep other Wrimos around us motivated and on track. Whether
you spread some friendly encouragement on the forums, in local groups, on in
one-on-one writing sessions with friends or family, be sure to reach out with
kindness whenever someone is struggling. And should kindness fail, reach out
with a sharp stick or other prodding device.

Whatever works, really, to make sure that all participants experience the
spirited highs of Week One, as well as the face-squishing lows of Week Two. To
ensure that everyone get the opportunity to gaze out on the pleasant, verdant
slopes of Week Three, and experience the champagne-drenched, finish-line mayhem
of Week Four.

We could walk alone to that finish line, sure. But the real joy of the journey
comes from tackling the challenge together. In spending time writing loudly,
sharing our weird plot developments, character epiphanies, and noveling
breakthroughs. And -- after one long and productive month -- raising our voices
in a mighty, combined roar as we celebrate on the far side of 50K.

So let's get writing! November is upon us, and the great adventure of NaNoWriMo
2004 is officially underway.


Yes, Maitresse is blogging the novel. I'll "out" the blog at some point, but not yet...

And yes, I voted yesterday. In case you are wondering, I live in a blue state.

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