Where are we headed?

I am not at the voting booth.

A is not at school, but at home studying from his Kingfisher History of the World.

Should I admit that I went totally cuckoo after the math teacher revealed she really had no idea if A did his work or not...and then send A back to school? Should we step into our old routine, full-time? A doesn't seem to care either way, except for his friendships at the school. "I prefer learning at home," he keeps repeating.

These are times that I wish I was married, and had manly voice to which I could hand over the phone to folks like the Christopher Walken lady math teacher, and say, "Here is my husband. Listen to his manly, deep voice. Now shake in your boots, missy."

Or at least, someone with whom I could discuss these decisions and then maybe later get a much-needed backrub.

picture is of A walking home.


Rebel said...

I don't think you were too "Hollywood". That teacher sounded completely obnoxious. I'm impressed you managed to stand up to her!
I'm always such a doormat when it comes to talking to teachers. I never flip out. At worst, I whine. It's a darn good thing I've actually got one of those creatures with the "deep, manly voice" residing with me.
You don't suppose his teacher will have learned anything from this confrontation...? In any case, it's nice that A's comfortable with either option!

la Maitresse said...

Thanks, Darby.

I felt like a total doofus and doofusness gets me a bit rattled.

Yesterday I was working with an attorney at BigLaw until 3 a.m. and I couldn't help noticing that Mr. Attorney has the perfect Big Deep Voice needed in the Maitresse home. He is married, but I wonder if maybe he has an equally baritoned single brother...