A and Bela Lugosi

...share the same birthday. Which was yesterday.*

We have a personal joke, after having watched "Capote" (with Philip Seymour Hoffman as Capote). In a scene where Truman Capote stands before the small-town cop and says, "Bergdorf's" -- the small-town cop looks at him, totally perplexed, and Capote explains, pointing to the cashmere around his neck, "Bergdorf's. The scarf is from Bergdorf's." A does a wonderful imitation of PSH as Capote in that scene, and springs it on me when I least expect it, as a reference to innocent obliviousness of what is actually the matter at hand.

Me: A, you it's your turn to do the dishes today.
A: [Points to his neck] "Bergdorf's."

Me: Please take the dog outside.
A: [Points to his neck] "Bergdorf's."

So, I got A a tecchie gift that I knew he'd like, and then I headed over to Bergdorf Goodman.

Me to Bergdorf Goodman salesman: "Hi. Um, did you see 'Capote'?"
BGS: "No, I can't say I have seen that film, no."
Me: "I see. Well, um, I think I need a brown scarf. And under $300, if you have one."
BGS: "Hmmm. We have some nice ones over here..."

[I look at the scarves, and they are indeed nice. But they are not THAT much under $300. I nearly faint at the thought of a scarf supporting an entire African village for a year.]

Me: "How about something without the cashmere, but nice?"

We find one, it has a Bergdorf's label, and BGS wraps very nicely in a box, and places the tecchie gift inside, as well, under the scarf in the gift-wrapped box.

A and I headed to TriBeCa for dinner and watched a movie afterwards.

And I think we could still fund an African village with the scarf I picked out for A. Thank goodness ProductRED is in full force at stores everywhere.

*A had his baaah-m late in the year.


lizm said...

That is such a great story -- LOVE the tech present under the scarf! I assume A was hysterical/appreciative of your creativity??

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to A! Tried to post yesterday but Blogger was being most unhelpful.

Yes, share how A. liked his presents!

la Maitresse said...

His initial reaction was, "Bergdorf's? HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!" He put on the scarf immediately, then realized something was still in the box...

: )