Y & T for last week.

For Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday:


- Finish reading Biology chapter 5. Start chapter 6.
- Prep for Math and ISEE test prep.
- Crew.

(the Biology reading took A about three hours -- I think it took about the same for me, when I was in high school?).


- Math prep with tutor, at home.
- Lunch.
- ISEE prep with tutor, at home.

No CREW because A needs to catch up with Biology reading (Chapter 6).

Film viewing: On a Clear Day, with Peter Mullan, Billy Boyd, and Jodhi May (remember her as Alice in Last of the Mohicans with Daniel Day-Lewis?).


- Science class.
- Biology Chapter 6.

Film viewing: Woodstock: 3 days of Peace and Music by Michael Wadleigh.


- Head of the Harlem Regatta. But A makes a surprising decision: He does not want to row. He wants to fence. So, he fences.

- Fencing.

A fences epee against a boy who has been in training for 5 years (the kid's last name is on the back of his fencing jacket, and it reads "USA" underneath. Apparently, the kid does the big tournaments). A loses, but loses 5-4. Not bad, not bad...


- Biology class in Boston. A finishes Chapter 7 on the bus. A participates, raises his hand to answer the T/A's questions. He is starting to raise his hand a lot more. Don't know when/how this happened. A seems to like doing it. The shyness is falling away.

- A reads Michael Crichton's The Lost World on the bus ride back home.

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