Yes, my life is that weird.

So, history tells us that on October 16, 1793 Marie Antoinette faced a terrible blow under a public guillotine in Paris. Yesterday also being October 16, it was a perfect day for me to cross paths with Steve Buscemi (*see "Steve Buscemi is bad luck" below).

I had received an invitation to attend "Artists Against Hunger" at a location in Brooklyn. Poetry would be read, music would be played. A being the budding art aficionado that he is, agreed to join me.

The venue was very very small. Jim Jarmusch read a poem translated from Spanish. Steve Buscemi read from The Grapes of Wrath. And when he was done, he took a spot next to me and A.

Me: "How did you like the movie on Friday?"
SB: "What movie?" [Steve Buscemi is, mind you, speaking in that Steve Buscemi voice]
Me: "Weren't you at Marie Antoinette?"
SB: "No, sorry, it wasn't me."
Me: "Oh."
SB: "So how was the movie?"

Jim Jarmusch's wife talked to A for a while and asked if we would consider moving upstate "to the country." We have a dog, I know, there's no excuse.

Matt Dillon didn't arrive, or at least, I didn't recognize him, and we soon left.

Y & T


Photography class, 2 pm - 9 pm (inclusive of A's after-class darkroom hours).


A took a specialized NYC school entry exam.
We then headed to the Clinton Street Bakery where I ordered hot buttered cider. They did not mention the quantity of rum that would take up my bowl of cider, but I did not complain. It was amazingly good.


A attended Writing and Math class in the UWS, "What is DNA?" class also in the UWS.
A went to a poetry reading with well-known artists.


Free day.


wendy said...

Whenever I read about all of the amazing things you and A do, I feel a little jealous that my kiddos may never experience such great things. A sounds like such a fantastic and intelligent young man. You are doing a great job!

la Maitresse said...

Is Wendy nuts? Does she not know that a movie could be made about HER amazing self and her kids?

; )