What sorta school can a homeschooler apply to and actually get in?

Want to follow our progress? [disclaimer: for those who are visiting here for the first time, I work full-time, A is a lone child and homeschooler, and he is ready to break into the world of the 7- to 20-student classroom].

Where are we applying?

- Stuyvesant.
- Bronx Science.
- LaGuardia HS (the "Fame" school).
- Fieldston.
- Dalton.
- Trevor (don't ask).

...among others, and we have cast a wide net here. We are requesting financial aid at all private schools.

Movies we've seen, movies we'd like to see:

- "The Departed" (not for young kids; besides the guns, violence, blood, and curse words, it was brilliant).
- "Marie Antoinette" - I saw it, liked it. Do NOT expect a history lesson. It is a character portrayal; Sofia Coppola wants you to experience courtly life and parties along with Marie Antoinette, and feel the same sort of surprise the Queen did once we find out that a Revolution was in the works at all.

- "Nightmare Before Christmas" in 3-D. Tim Burton, what can I say? - haven't seen it.
- "Flags of Our Fathers" - haven't seen it.
- "Volver" by Almodovar, with Penelope Cruz. I hear it's very good. And Ms. Cruz is a better actress in her native language.


Anonymous said...

Bonne chance to A!

Why can't we ask about the School of Trevor? Sounds like the most intriguing option lol.

la Maitresse said...

Erm...no comment?

And did you know that The Dwight School is known in private school circles as "The Dumb White School"? Then I found out Paris Hilton went there...it all makes sense to me now.