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So I found a public computer with Internet access in Cambridge. It cost me $12,345.67 to blog there for 37 minutes. I guess cybercafes are far and few between in Boston.

A is enjoying his Biology class at PPSI, but thinks the course is "overrated." The young PPSI students review the chapter material, give homework, and do "labs"...on paper! Here are A's observations on that:

"A science institution that can afford to pay 80 scientists to work on the Human Genome Project, and fund an entire architectural structure by Frank Gehry, should be able to afford to have us high school students use one of their lab rooms so that we can do our Biology labs for the course. Even if, and especially if, it is for a high-school course."

So there. Hear that, PPSI?

I have no idea how I did in my interview with CN. I was not "on" due to my battling this cold (emotional improvement did not help the physical end of things, and I wound up not asking a single question). Then the co-interviewer had not even looked at samples of my work, and blurted out, "DO YOU HAVE ANY SAMPLES OF YOUR WORK?" I was a little floored by that question, as they were sitting right on the head interviewer's desk. Maybe I am a little paranoid, but the situation reminded me of I.D.

Ah, well. There's always NaNoWriMo, right?

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Calletta said...

It is, indeed, difficult to locate a decent coffehouse/cyber cafe in the Boston area. I have no idea why. Or else my expectations are simply too high due to living in Austin for so long.