NaNoWriMo: A Blessing in Reprise

I don't need to tell you what NaNoWriMo is.

I am going to adopt the corporate slogan and say: Just Do It.


Y & Y & T


A edits a narrative for Writing Class.
Attends Math Class. Math Class instructor forgets recommendation form for A's school entry application.

Did I mention what work it is to chase down teacher after teacher for these darn recommendations? Hello!!! Mr. "Always-Reminding-My-Kid-About-Looming-Deadlines"-Teacher? Our rec is due NOW!!! What? You say you do not mind personally delivering the thing to the Recommendations Acceptance Office? Oh, you're too kind! Thank you.

DNA class.


Free day (which means Rehearse Audition Piece All Day), until evening.

Halloween Parade in the Village.

Random Conversation at Halloween Parade, while me and A and every human being within 10 feet of us gets crushed like the garbage disposal scene in Star Wars Episode IV on the corner of 14th Street and 6th Ave:

Modelesque Woman: "Um, excuse me. Do I know you? Have I done your makeup before?"
Me: "Um. Oh My G-d. Yes you did."

Crunch. Push. Shove.

It is the woman who did my Angelina Jolie makeover to save my stuff from being auctioned from storage (Long story, it's around May or June in the archives).

Modelesque Woman: "I'm at Bergdorf's now." [Crunch.]
Me: "Oh, really? " [Push.]
A: "Bergdorf's." [Shove.]
Me: "May I have your card?" [Someone knocks me in my rib.]
Modelesque Woman: "Of course." [Hands me her card. It reads BERGDORF GOODMAN. MEREDY P.....S. COSMETICS CONSULTANT.] [Push. Shove. Somebody screams, "Help ME!" and I witness Meredy stepping over the undidentified body of a 70-year-old woman, crushed by the masses.]
A: [Points to neck.] "Bergdorf's."


Miranda, our Fabulosa tutor, arrives to teach A Physics.
Lunch break.
French at the Alliance Francaise.
DNA class.

In the meantime, I drop off a Personal Recommendation by A's rowing coach. Only, the rowing coach didn't write it. I did. This is why.

[Ring, ring]
Me: "Hello?'
Coach T: "Um, Hello? LaMai? It's Coach T. Um, I haven't finished A's recommendation. Do you mind writing it for me?"
Me: "Erm...sure?"
Coach T: "OK, great. Sorry, it's college applications time, and I've got about 20 of these puppies on my desk, all due yesterday. Your kid is great. He's a tough kid, picks up the broom and sweeps the dock without anyone asking him to, totally gets along with the team. He's a team player" YADDA YADDA YADDA. I transcribe everything, and sign off with Coach T's blessing.

A grabs 4 pizzas at an undisclosed UWS pizzeria.
Guitar class.
Ride home on train with guitar teacher.

Evening: Discuss "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley.

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