Friends with Money (and maybe some celebrity) referred me to your school.

Bucolic Campus School:
Q: Who referred you to our school?
A: Jim anti-Hollywood Jarm-Uh-schmothing. And maybe Sofia Coppola. Like, the wine. Not the person. Because I am drinking some Sofia now that I am filling out your application. I need it.

Little Pinko Schoolhouse:
Q: How did you learn of our school?
A: Susan Sarandon. [Erm, maybe someone told me that Susan's kid goes to your school.] And come to think of it, Adam Horovitz. Because I am listening to some Beastie Boys right now. I need to fight for my son's right for entry in 2007-08.

Q: How did you learn of our school?
A: Sean Lennon. [this is actually true, but you guys dissed me in person during your Open House]

Q: How did you learn about Trevor?
A: I dunno. You guys are a wild card.

Q: Who referrred you to us?
A: Um. Becky in Alberta. She's a blogger. And alumna of yours. Be proud. She represents, yo.

Q: How did you learn about Friends?
A: I thought Susan Sarandon's kid STILL went here. But no. He switched to Little Pinko Schoolhouse.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that didn't work against you at the old alma mater lol. No money or celebrity (and I certainly haven't sent any of the former since graduating...) around here, not by NYC standards.

I finally came right here after nothing showing up on Bloglines since the beginning of the month. I have soem catching up to do, and am glad it's Sunday!