Shout Out

To Unschoolers blog, which has linked my blog to theirs (and I have reciprocated!).


Today is my first day at the New Job. I am excited, nervous, and ready to leave skidmarks as I walk out of my front apartment door to the subway. Wish me good thoughts. Yes, that means you, bloggy reader!

A is in Miami for the week. Most, if not all, of his classes were cancelled, and my 95-year-old grandmother kept calling me to say she misses him, so we thought, "Why not?" We surprised her. He has been eating Cuban food since his arrival.

He has several school-related things to do while there: rehearse his guitar audition piece, and read his Biology book. And I forgot -- take photos!

PPSI recently had classes for its annual SPLASH! event. Copy and paste the link below to take a look at the "How to Sleep in Class" class. You will need to choose Powerpoint or Keynote or PDF. Copyright belongs to the PPSI students who created the class. It made me laugh A LOT this morning.



Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck!


L said...

Hope it went well, La Mai! Coming late to the party... I've been waiting for an update on the RSS feed which never came. Was about to email you and see what you've been up to -- duh. Gotta lotta catching up to do.

Thinking of you and all those great balloons.