My mother called me from Miami.

My son, apparently, is quite the "caballero." He fixes Cuban coffee for his grandmother, gets the glass of water for his great-grandmother before she asks for it, visits my uncle in the nursing home and pushes his wheelchair.

He treated my mother to Chinese, as well.

But he is bored. So he is reading his AP Biology book --the same version I studied in [Cough, cough] college, Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha, Ernest Heminway books, and just plain 'ol playing the acoustic guitar on the family porch.

Today A was in Little Havana on the express mission to take photos of old Cuban men playing dominos.

"Ese es un caballero," says my grandmother. Of course he is. Between good parenting and home education (and now almost full-time home tutoring, because I just don't "get" or "do" that level of Pre-Calc, Physics or Biology anymore, sorry), the domino effect produced just what I expected.

Un caballero.

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