Photo Slideshow from A to you.

What kids will do when they're bored. Or inspired. Or something.

The two "heads" are Jim anti-Hollywood Jar-schmothing and Luc the historian excavating the now-gutted rock club. All photos were shot, developed and printed by A in NYC.

Photos are --

1. Rower painting oars.
2. Friends.
3. The papparazzi at "Marie Antoinette."
4. View from a fire escape with rain.
5. Subway platform.
6. NoLiTa church.
7. Lower East Side cafe.
8. Lower East Side shop.
9. NoLiTa cafe.
10. Olympic rowers on the t.v. at the boathouse.
11. Oarsman.
12. Jim and Luc looking at the rubble at See-Bee-Gee-Bee.
13. Buskers, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
14. Fencing Club.
15. Fencing Club.
16. Union Square girl.
17. Subway platform and train.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! That was wonderful. Thank you A.


Calletta said...

He has some real talent there. A lot of people can take pictures; not everyone, though, can really "see." My dad, for one, can see--I, however, didn't inherit his eyesight.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots there! And what is that music?


la Maitresse said...

A picked the theme music from "Amelie" -- a film that has always made us smile.