But not too near the area of 72nd and York.

A bunch of instant messages on MSN messenger ensued on my computer as soon as the red headline hit CNN.com. The flurry of messages to me went like this:

I just checked CNN. It says "plane" and "building."
where r u? midtown?
Yeah. U?
I'm on 57th & Park. I hear sirens.
Oh. I don't. We have sound insulation.

What's going on? I hear sirens. News says something about a plane.
Yeah, I see smoke.
No, we're okay. Small plane. Not commercial.

My mother didn't check in. I am not surprised, but disappointed.


Heidi said...

I thought of you, too.

Calletta said...

So did I.

A.R. Linder said...

She was probably watching FOX News. And, they don't carry real news. lol.

la Maitresse said...


And thanks, bloggy readers. : )