Why is it...

...that I am so obsessed with this film?

The buzz surrounding the film led me to this article.

Which I found via this blog.


pink ginger 珂琳 said...

Hi, I enjoy reading your blog. interesting and insightful.

lizm said...

Why do you think you are?

Here are my free associations, from reading your blog:

I can certainly see themes of status and privilege vs. down-and-dirty in your blog entries. Sort of an Oscillation of Identity along such poles as: CBGBs <-->LeRosey; homeschooling<-->fancy private school for A; copyediting job<-->Anna Wintour/Carine whatshername, etc.

Marie Antoinette fits right into that -- her "image" is: born to privilege but ultimately sunk lower than one of her peasants. Thinking too haughtily and being punished for it.

(in the psychoanalytic literature this is a common theme, actually. The developmental narrative is that ALL little children feel like Marie Antoinettes: "I want more juice!" -- demanding and entitled. And then Life has its way with us, and we all have our dreams castrated, as it were, or guillotined -- except, we THINK, for the few movie stars or born-to-privileged ones like Sofia Coppola who seems comfortable owning her position (Intern at Chanel, really now!)(and then of course we Love reading about their Falls, too)

(in our culture today, Anna Nicole Smith is the perfect exemplar of this now)


Prone to cheap analyses

la Maitresse said...

Erm, no, I would never send A to Le Rosey! Sorry! I mentioned it in the context of John Holt, who is a proponent of unschooling, and attended that school.

And Oxillation of Identity? I plead guilty. And so do most of my OOI friends.

I've been there, done that, and back, all in one lifetime. And it's *still* not over.

Isn't that the human story?

::wink, wink::

lizm said...

Yes, it IS the human story.

So why do you think you're obsessed with M.A.?

la Maitresse said...

OK, folks, before I proceed, I will make a short announcement here: Do not try "cheap psychoanalysis" without the supervision of a trained professional (which Liz M *is*, by the way!).

I am not so sure that I am obsessed with M.A. only -- Camille Claudel is another OI real-life character. I love the trailer that I linked here. I love that the music Sofia Coppola chose is New Order (my CBGB side shows itself!). The M.A. trailers where the film characters actually speak, I do not like so much.

liz said...


Sorry if I "practiced" out of the office.I'm just fascinated by this stuff.