Yesterday, day before that, and today


- Saxon Math Test (No, I'm not telling which test number. A is sensitive about which lesson he's on. He wants to be finished already).
- AP Biology: Molecular Genetics, pp 75-86. Review Cellular Reproduction. Quiz Friday.
- Second draft Frankenstein essay.
- Leisure reading: (actually, it's the next read in our science readings) Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. A finished this book on Wednesday.
- Crew.

Dinner. We eat camembert rôti au miel and ratatouille, and talk about crew and Burgundy grapes. Because I was drinking a Bordeaux.

Evening film:

Akeelah and the Bee. A Starbucks Entertainment film. Ratatouille happens to be a spelling bee word in the film.


- AP Biology: Finish Molecular Genetics pp 75-86. During dinner, we talk about introns and exons.
- Math: Saxon Math exercises.
- Pleasure math fun: White Belt Sudoku.
- Pleasure read: Drowned Wednesday by Garth Nix.
- Crew.

Dinner. Gorgonzola tortellini from Italy and a sauce I lifted from Gourmet Magazine. Last night's Bordeaux is tonight's Sangria. We talk about crew, boarding school, day schools, and Kangol hats. And getting some new Converse sneakers for A.

Evening film:

A Room With a View, Ismael Merchant and James Ivory. A doesn't like it as much as I did when I saw it and fell in love with Daniel Day-Lewis and Helena Bonham-Carter and hyphenations of surnames.


- Anatomy class. A will be observing.
- Homeschooling group picnic in the park cancelled because of our damp weather.
- Guitar lesson.
- ISEE tutor for 1 hour.
- Math and Physics tutor arrives for 1 hour.
- AP Biology: Cellular Reproduction Quiz.

Must clean apartment for the Math tutor. It's her first time.

This weekend: Boston.

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